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  • Stationary Leg Straps
  • Optional Buckles Available for Larger Sizes
  • Elastic on Top of Neck
  • Elastic with Cinch on Tail for Better Fit
  • Reinforced Seams at Neck
  • "And did you notice my large and colorful size number?"

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WoolTinker Sheep Coats available in two fabric weights.

Regular is sturdier, more resilient to tears and lasts longer. Great for Romney, Border Leicester, Lincoln, Corridales, Cotswolds, anything between 26 to 36 microns.

Light is best for finer fleece between 18 to 25 microns such as Merino, Rambouillet, Columbia, CVM. Not as durable but may help with pilling.

Please be sure to choose your fabric weight
that works best for your sheep.

WoolTinker Sheep Coats
Now Available in Two Fabric Weights

WoolTinker Sheep Coats are:

  • individually handmade in Vermont
  • of Marine One XP fabric made in Greenville, NC, USA
  • light weight fabric
  • breathable!
  • protection from the environment
  • strong in severe outdoor exposure
  • the solution to sagging, wetting and extreme heat problems associated with acrylics and polyester fabrics
  • offers UV protection
  • protect against heavy rain while retaining breathability
  • anti-microbial component to prevent mildew growth

What will coating your sheep do for you?

  • Increase the value of your fleece in an extra return between 20% and 50% on money invested in the coating operation

For more information on coating sheep:

Sheep Magazine

Wool Wise

Video on Sizing & Changing Sheep Coats

How to Measure

Sheep coats are measured in inches. The length is measured from the base of the neck just in front of the shoulders to the dock. Be sure to push the end of the tape all the way to the sheep's neck. If your sheep is in full fleece and you want to cover all of the spinable wool, then you should include the wool at the rear in this measurement. If the cover is too long and it droops off the rear of the animal and the leg strap drops below the hock, then the coat is too large and the sheep may step out of it.
Remember, that as your sheep's wool grows throughout the year, you will need larger and larger coats. If coats remain on your sheep too long you run the risk of felting or matting the fleece. Most sheep use 4 different size coats each year. Your sheep may go through more or less depending on the breed.


Color Code


Quantities will be entered on the PayPal checkout page

28 length x 30 girth


Fabric Weight


30 length x 34 girth


Fabric Weight

32 length x 38 girth


Fabric Weight

34 length x 40 girth

Light Blue

Fabric Weight

36 length x 42 girth


Fabric Weight

38 length x 44 girth


Fabric Weight

40 length x 46 girth


Fabric Weight


42 length x 48 girth


Choose Option
Fabric Weight

44 length x 50 girth


Choose Option
Fabric Weight

46 length x 52 girth


Choose Option
Fabric Weight
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